The Cast

The world of Oubliettes and Lizards is full of interesting and diverse characters. Each person with their own agenda, aspirations, flaws, and strengths. Every day, they struggle to uphold their views of what's right and what's wrong, every decision affecting the flow of history in their own little ways.

But I'm sure you don't want to hear about them.

The following is a list of the characters, both main and minor, that appear throughout the Real Fantasy comic. This page will be updated as new characters appear, or when minors become majors, and vice versa.

Real World
The closest thing to "The Main Character" as you're gonna get with this comic. He's a little naive, and if his friend, Aragorath, weren't around to keep an eye on him, he'd probably do something REALLY harmful to himself. He's constantly making bad jokes, attempting to make light of any situation that might otherwise be serious.
- Chu buys the PS10 in the first few strips.
- His character in Oubliettes and Lizards is Kell, the human, female Red Mage.

Chu's best friend, Ara is a source of constant irritation and sage advice for the blond-haired, hot-blooded pervert. Although he seems rather boring at first, he's not the big party-pooper he makes himself out to be.

Fantasy World
A human Red Mage, Kell's recklessness is matched only by her lechery and stupidity. She weilds a giant sword that she hefts around on her back all the time, and can cast spells at a whim. Much to the danger of all those around her!
- Chu's in-game self.
- Her high Int doesn't save her from constant stints of stupidity.

The human bar-tendress of The Unicorn's Mane, an "All Females Establishment". Although most of the patrons there are somewhat seedy, Niiko seems to be a decent person, if one looks past her cynical tongue and quick temper. She uses two nasty-looking daggers to protect herself should any drunken female get too close to her.