Here's a couple of links of sites that I frequent. Unfortunately, I'm not nearly cool enough for you to see my site on their link lists :P Regardless, most of them are webcomics like mine (except, y'know... better), but the first two are flash animation sites that I particularly love.

EveryBOOOdy! Lah-dee-dah-dee-dah! EveryBOOOdy! Lah-dee-dah-dee-dah! Oh man, I love this site! It's like a kid's TV show, but not... it's hard to descrive, but if none of you have been there, what the HELL are you wasting your bandwidth on THIS crap for?! Check out Strong Bad Emails! Go! NOW!! Updated once a week (usually).

Bonus Stage
Another very hilarious flash series. They update once a week, but it's pretty sporadic on any specific day. They're just about as lazy and laid back as me, it seems. Either way, the humour is incredibly random, and the occasional music tracks are AMAZING. Man... I really need to learn how to do flash...

This is the webcomic that got me started on webcomics. It's the first one I ever started going to, and I still check it every MWF for updates. Fred Gallagher is an AMAZING artist, and the storyline of this particular strip is very interesting, like an actual anime. I suggest you all go read it. It's about an American fanboy and his alcoholic/crazed techy friend who get stranded in Japan, and end up living there... they certainly don't seem to mind at the moment.

VG Cats
I LOVE this comic. It's hilarious, the artwork is really unique, and Leo is HAWT! It's only updated once a week, usually on Mondays, but it's worth the wait. This strip deals primarily with video game parodies/references.

The Order of the Stick
I GUESS you could call this the inspiration for my own comic, but not really; I started scribbling D&D comics and stuff before I even knew this one existed, so... Either way, it's a great strip. I love the artwork, and the D&D references are in abundance. Typical (or atypical, however you look at it) group of adventurers, big bad guy, etc. Updated on Mondays and Thursdays, but it's soon moving to a MWF schedule.

8-Bit Theatre
A Final Fantasy/D&D-based comic with sprites. Random hilarity with FF1 sprites and lots of stabbing and hatred. Updated on weird schedule (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays), but it fills in spaces between the normal MWF comics, so it's all good.

White Ninja
This strip defies a genre. It looks like it was drawn by a five-year-old (notice how it's still better than me?) for the most part, and the humour is really, really random... sometimes it's not even the content that's funny, but the way the things are drawn. All in all, it's a great comic, and if you want to broaden your definition of "random", then this strip is for you! ...I don't rightly know when they update, but it's usually at least onc e a week.

The Powerpuff girls Doujinshi
For those of you who don't know, a doujinshi is basically a comic that a fan does with characters from a show/shows they like with his or her own storyline. The guy is Japanese (I believe, someone correct me if I'm wrong), and he does absolutely BEAUTIFUL art. I personally think seeing too many characters from too many TV shows is getting a bit old, but whatever Bleedman wants. Updated every second Sunday.

RPG World
This comic makes me sad. Amusing/interesting storyline, cool art, and great characters... but it's getting updated less and less often... Regardless, you should check this place out every two weeks or so. I still love it.

Purple Pussy
Another updated less-than-often comic. *sigh* It makes me so sad when I see things like that... I just hope I never end up like that. I love making these! Anyway, this strip is, by far, THE most offensive comic I've EVER read. Word of advice; when you're reading through the archives, don't eat anything...